There’s something about May. New beginnings they say. Sometimes  it’s old things withering away.

I met a man once in May. It was the last one before this one.

I fell in love.

He had two gorgeous human beings with him he called daughters.

I fell in love again: two more times.

I loved them so much they were as one to me. I couldn’t help it, I gave all of me.

I gave and loved as if they were flesh of flesh, bone of bone.

A day came…

They were not there anymore. Choices were made and it could be no more.

My life was pretty quiet until than. My world began to spin and spin.

Little tiny messes all over my car. Little tiny messes now all over my heart.

It wasn’t May yet, Oh but you could smell it in the air

Myself and I picked up my life again with care.

As I sit in the back seat of my car trying to wipe away these little tiny scars…

I see their little tiny finger prints on my windows, I see their little tiny Sunday School art work on the floor

…and I wondered why I ever got mad

….and I wondered why I was so sad

All the mess they had made to my life and to my heart didn’t matter anymore.

I just wanted my little tiny messes back. I just wanted what my heart burned and lacked.

Maybe that’s how God feels about us. Maybe our little tiny messes aren’t such a fuss.

He would rather love you than lose you.

He would take all your little tiny messes and say:

“it doesn’t matter anyway”.

Yes, there is something …something about May.