For the past several months now, many things have happened. There has been much loss and much gain. I’ve become a new person inside and out and the birthing pangs have been immense. I had a prophetic word over me at the big International Conference I attended a week ago that left me in tears so when I signed up for another, at the new church I go to, I prayed for encouragement and HOPE. God doesn’t dwell on our pain or our loss. He wants us to focus on what HE is doing in our lives and allow Him to work it all out.

So I proclaimed this year the year of “NO Striving”. I’m going to follow Him and what His Holy Spirit says. So far it has taken me very far and people will just stop in mid-conversation with me to say “wow you’re just so beautiful” or tell me I’m a good person or how awesome I am. I tear up a bit because I know it’s God within me that they see. That finally His work in me is shining through and ALL I can see now is His Goodness. It literally takes my breathe away because all that I am is merely a forgiven sinner who said “pick me LORD pick me to use pick me pleeaase”.

Here is the Prophetic Blessing I received today from a church I call Home now…from a church I’ve been looking for for soooo long. Thank you Jesus, I can finally rest…


(excuse the focus on last year’s purse…it was meant to be voice only)

The last thing the woman said to me was that I was blessed and that I WAS a blessing to others. That has been my number one prayer to God for so long. I want to be a blessing and not a burden. I want to help those who are suffering and lost just as I was. I want their pain to end but I want mine too as well. Trust I am well on my way in Christ Jesus.