I never considered God to be a passionate lover. He loved me YES! He cared about me and my future YES! He chased after me…hm ok. But passionate lover? Nah, get out of here..this is God we are talking about.

He’s the biggest thing around and deserves our respect and admiration and to be put on a pedal stool handled with care. Passionate lover was not on my list until…

I asked for and was prayed over to have an explosion of of God’s Holy Spirit. That’s when I saw His love flurry up Gold thick bubbling over like volcano lava spreading all through me. It began deep with in my own spirit and I heard Him say:      

                               “I’ve always been with you since the beginning..

                                  You had me at hello…”

Oh the affection He has for us His children is so warm and better than anything you’ll ever experience on this Earth. Even drugs..the legal kind too ha!

You wonder why there are so many Jesus Freaks? Because once you meet the real deal life as you’ve known it is over. The moment you feel how much He loves you no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been or what you’ve said you can never go back…you’ll never be the same even if you ever do turn your back on His love. His love affects you so deeply and profoundly because He is a PASSIONATE LOVER OF YOU. 

I had HIM at hello… (Astounding)

Me a mere mortal had the Great God of the universe at Hello God, it’s me Raquel. Even at my most disappointed or my angriest fit towards God I had Him at Hello…because HE IS THE PASSIONATE LOVER of His children.

I’m His child. Are you are His child.? Because that’s all that matters to Him. Family. So Just remember…You always have Jesus at Hello..Everytime!!!