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Living an authentic life means living as yourself in your very own moment. No one can live this moment but you. Stray not from the moment that is well lived by the only one who can live it.

My life without Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram has been more authentic and I’m very grateful for the freedom it has given me to be….just me. Oh I’ve had my weak moments and I’ve even “cheated” and posted something to a close friend’s status through my sister’s account and even signed it. When I typed my name,  my name did pop up and I could click on an image-less woman’s figure to “tag” what was left of me on Facebook. That’s when it dawned on me…the Raquel on Facebook was gone. Just a remnant of what she was was left.  What does that mean you ask? That means all people, the new ones and the old ones, will just have to get to know me the old fashioned way: through effort, proximity, and long stretches of time. But I’m worth it…right? We all are.

So grab some coffee and come on over…just make sure you bring along a good conversation too.