As I go through my phone contacts, I plunder through the many people I’ve lost contact with since I went Faceless (a Facebook deactivated life). 
Quite honestly, and this sounds a bit distant, but I’m not sad about it. 

As I would love nothing more than to know what is happening in my friends and extended family’s life, I find that I don’t feel a sense of loss or abandonment. 

When I took the plunge and joined a church about five years ago, I said an earnest prayer to God trusting Him to bring into my life the people He wanted. Since that day I have enjoyed a rich and prosperous friend circle and church family life. 

My life is STILL that FULL of love, laughter, and Life and it has nothing to do with quantitity but with QUALITY. 

I may not have my social media tenticals out there to know “what is what” in the world of my friends and extended family but I am enjoying the few people who are flowing in and out of my life naturally: the way God wanted. 

Let’s be honest here. God knew the internet AND Facebook was going to exist. Heck let’s be even MORE honest and admit He was most likely the creative spark to such things as social media. God orchestrates EVERYTHING even what we consider the anonomyous world wide web. 

That new friend you made online: not a surprise to God

That new boyfriend/girlfriend you found on a surprise to God

That great bible verse you read that inspired you to quit smoking: not a surprise to God. 

EVEN THOUGH, I can’t find my friends like I used to. EVEN THOUGH my texts go unanswered and my emails feel like as faux pas as wearing the same dress to both proms, I do not walk alone. 

You see, when God told me to lay down this thing called Facebook, He did it knowing my focus was everywhere but in what He wanted for me. I would of missed all of the blessings I am now experiencing if I had NOT obeyed His direction. 

So yes, nothing is a surprise to God and He absolutely uses the internet just as we do to spread the word of His love and to connect those who would normally lost their connection over time and distance. 

God is the creator and inspiration to all things. He has no desire for us to go backwards and start sending letters in the mail (although I adore this lost art form). He is a God of FORWARD!!

Therefore, we NEVER walk alone…even if we leave our friends in the world of posts, updates, and meme’s about cats who are grumpy. Oh? That’s so last year? Ah something to twitter about I’m sure. 🙂