Birthday cake.

Nothing as diabolical and fiendish as this white sugary concoction of delectable goodiness wrapped in wax, flame, and the annual candles of the blowing. 

Birthday cake.

No words, no words can define the visual imagary of such delight as when one arrives at the memories of childhood old when their birthday cakes, rather bought or made by a loved one’s hands, comes into the room. The immense and spontaneous combustion of joy, love, and the impending overwhelming goodness that’s about to detenate into your tiny anticipating mouth. 

What a delight.  Can I get an amen 😉

No one and I do mean NO ONE was privy to see my cake this year. NO ONE!!

It was bought at a local bakery and I knew, just knew, it was all I would ever anticipate it to be. 

My sister picked it up on my birthday, and off we went to my birthday destination about 30 mins away in a local town whom has the most amazing Italian food. 

I. Could. NOT. WAIT!!

I was going to my most favorite restaurant, with my most favorite poeple, with the most tastiest birthday cake I knew ever existed. As we ordered, ate, and fellowshipped over such a lovely occassion we decided to finally open the cake box and enjoy this most anticipated sugary concoction. 

The terror that awaited inside was not the happiness explosion we all were a quiver for. It was literally my cake DEMOLISHED from the bumpy car ride to the restaurant. Another contributing factor to my birthday cake’s demize was a well meaning mother in the backseat re-adjusting it several times so to make sure it wouldln’t fall on the car floor and get damaged.

*sigh* How could this be!

The plan was set, implimentent, and ALL care was taken. So what went wrong? Or more importantly does what went wrong really matter at this point?

I looked down, and was immediately in terror mode. My beautiful cake was ruined. But did I want to ruin the REST of MY beautiful day because of it? No. I wanted to be happy on this day and I went to great trouble to do so. I decided in a split second to smile and giggle and say “well, I’m sure it will still taste great!”

Sure , you could say that was a good attitude…

My point here is that no matter how well you prepare, no matter how careful you are, no matter if you have a well meaning person in the passneger’s seat trying to look out for you, absolutely nothing can replace or replicate or do a swell job as a well thought out and trusted foundation.

You see, my birthday cake was made with expert hands and paid for a sister with a full heart and protected by a mom who wanted only the best for me but it still wasn’t enough. The foundation was not secure. The future of my birthday cake was to fail. But not only to fail, but to flop over, and ruin any Facebook posts at the time. 

Sure it tasted great and it went down with ease because of the work and care that went into it but ultimately it was the sub par foundation that created a culinary disaster. 

The same things can be seen in our own very lives. If we start out ANYTHING on a rocky or sandy (flexible/movable) foundation than our end result will look a lot like this cake of mine. It may taste good, it may even feel fantastic, but after several moves in a bumpy road and a few tugs and pulls from life:

It. Falls. Apart. 

Therefore my dear reader(s), take the necessary strides and absolute truths to heart and make sure your foundations and your cornerstones are rock solid. Don’t skimp on the materials nor waste time trying to find a way around doing things the right way. The true hard work is waiting for success and  pouring into what will carry your name like: businesses, family, and your marriages. (ps. 18:2)

So will you wait? Will you stay the course of the right path set before you or will you cut corners and end up like some shot up birthday cake. We each are given a God given choice in life. Choose well my friends choose well.