You ever go into something and think: “wow this is going to end badly”. The situations where you know that it’s all about when and how but you KNOW it will end. 

Facebook is kind of like that Blank Space Taylor Swift sings so eloquantly about. My Faceless life could either be utter torment or the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

I came into this Faceless life no…believing without a doubt it would be a tragic ending. I believed that every moment would be extreme torture. I just knew if something awesome and wonderful happened my heart would ache to post it and fling it through a million different filters on Instagram. Facebook was my ultimate audience to my life. It filled something that I was lacking: Facebook was my family. 

It knew when I was sad.

It knew when I was really irritated.

It knew when I was so in awe of God I had to post His newest miracle in my life.

IT knew ME. 

But I didn’t know me. 

Hello, My name is Raquel. Nice to meet you. 

This past month being Faceless, heck being bloggless, I have re-introduced myself to me. I’m pretty awesome if I must say so. I also have introduced myself to exciting new people and have started to date again (wow I know right lol). I’m not afraid of the real me anymore. I go on my dates fearlessly with a positive sense of self and a desire to know them as a person. I leave with a great experience and a free meal or coffee (just a side benefit I assure you 😉 )

I must say it’s quite refreshing being me. Just me. 

No one else has to witness it and I can have the freedom to absorb all things around me, to laugh at inappropriate things, and to even make mistakes without fear. Making mistakes is essential to inner growth but if you fear ridicule than those precious lessons in life do not get taught. 

I am learning every day to enjoy the moment more. I am learning everyday to speak truth and to absorb it from a true source (the Good Word). I am learning how transforming it can be to be, oh yes yes, just me!!! 

Greatest Lesson Learned:

God is not here to condemn you. He is here to help you. 

God is not here to condemn you. He is here to help you.

Can ya say it again? 

God is not here to condemn you. He is here to help you. Right where you are He is here to help. So its ok to let Him in…He doesn’t bite…much 😉 (Heb 13:6)