Most Sundays I sit in a Starbucks to drone over meticoulsliy the forth coming words to a blog I like to call Faceless. It has like 3 followers but they are deligent in their reading ha.

However, I sit here calmly or irritantly, according to the mood of the day, sipping my very hot persnickity chai tea (not the latte!) and pondering the world I exist in Facelessly. 

I also indulge in some light reading on relationships. Yes, relationships is what I do. I learn all I can about the human persona and how it all relates in what we call our social world. The goal of the book I’m reading is to get people to understand that they can choose their emotions AND they are responsible for themselves as well. 

Than I look up..and see the sticky cling on the door of this Starbucks and it clicks. 

I am responsible for what my world looks like

Some times we, as humans, can go around feeling like a victim. 

How come? Because we just zombie walk through our lives letting things happen to us. Than yell and scream how  terrible the other person is and swear we will never get involved in a friendship/relationship with someone like that again. Yet, we still zombie walk through our lives waiting and literally expecting somone else to make us happy. 

Didn’t everyone get the “How To Make You Happy” memo? No?!? Wow, they get two sick days docked from their humanity sick leave! 

The audacity. (lol)

The rocks and mountains in your life can be burning the inferno away or be as frozen solid with the fierce propensity of a dire winter Alaskan storm but it’s all still your life. You have to LIVE it either way the clouds head or wind bellows.

Basically, good or bad your life is still your life. It’s your drink. Since it is all yours, good and bad, live it to it’s fullest and never let the temperature of the day sway you from your focus. 

More frequently than I’d like to admit, the temperature of my life can make me rethink God’s goodness. Does God really care what is happening to me and if so than WHY is it happening to me?!? Much later, as in later feeling like forever later, I have a moment like this…a moment of clarity: It’s my life and it doesn’t have to look like this. I’m allowed to enjoy life. It’s ok if I may be dying of cancer ( no I’m not lol) or depressed (well not today) but this moment I can enjoy. 

I don’t have to live in any moment but this one and I can make this one as beautiful and as comfortable as I am able. I can even ask God to be apart of this moment and help me enjoy it. 100% of the time He honors this request…it just happens and the joy breaks through the rain. 

Hm. Makes me wonder what other things I could ask Him to be apart of and find myself inside the beginings of a mini miracle. Even better: a HUGE miracle. 

…with God the possibilities are endles. 

It’s your drink drink up…speak up…and never doubt the source of all things Good, Pure, and Joyful. 

Merry Easter!