Come on…ya know you want to.

Go ahead and just…touch it..

It’s right in your reach…why should you deny yourself this pleasure.

So harmless…it doesn’t hurt anyone and really who cares…everyone is doing it.

Even your mom!


These are the thoughts of a Facebook junkie who has decided that having the Facebook App on her phone and ipad is just too much for her. 

So I deleted it. Yep I said it..I deleted it off my phone and ipad and I even deleted Instagram and Twitter.

36 Days COLD TURKEY and I must say I’m lovin’ it 😉

At first it was very isolating. But eventually I realized I liked not being in the spotlight. Who knew??

You are the center of your own world on Facebook and you send out to everyone who is on what you want them to see. You are THE STAR of your own sitcom or for some your own horror flick or DRAMA. So when you “unplug” from Facebook, who is looking at you now? Nope, no one. It is a bit depressing at first and you flounder around looking for friends who you actually have a cell phone number to (lol) and use them as your new and intimate Facebook. However, you begin to realize that all these little wonderful and spectacular moments are just yours and yours alone. You become aquainted with yourself again. Nice to meet you what’s your favorite color? Hmm maybe Facebook blue ha!

I’ve enjoyed getting to know me again. Somehow I got lost in the suffle of who I wanted to project and how I wanted to be perceived. No more eyes are on me or my life which brings with it a fresh breathe of freedom. The wind in my hair and a piping hot cup of joe in my hand riding along with my favorite song and NO ONE has to know. NO one has to see. Most importantly..NO one gets to experience me but me. 

*inhales* hmm smells like freedom to me. 

We’ll see…