I said it.

God looks at you longingly. The murk of ones heart is a rarity in surprise to God. He gazes at it introspectively so. Your pain is His.

If that’s true, than why doesn’t He do something?

He did and He’s called Jesus.

Jesus is what HE gave to the world so He can intervene in our lives with MERCY. Did you get that?

See God is God. He is who HE is and it has never changed.
Humans are also who they are…and in knowing this God came up with a plan. A reason really, to forgive.

God is a Father to us all. He is that guy who always shows up to his kids soccer game and the dad with a shotgun at the door on his daughters first date. Ok…on his daughter’s every date.

God is just and fair but it’s according to HIS ruling and his filter of judgements.

A slick thought of slipping a twenty dollar bill from the offering plate would pin you to an everlasting game of fiery dodge ball.

Jesus is the game changer.

God can set down His gavel, wrap his right hand around you at night, and whisper to you all the ways of His Love.
All because of Jesus.

Who is this Jesus and why does His death matter so much?

Jesus is family.
He is the flesh of the flesh of the Ol’ Mighty God of the universe.
He chose to obey God and leave Heaven to give his life back to God for a bigger purpose.
He could of chosen differently. He could of gotten up and left.
He stayed.
He died.
NOT just died. But he died for love.
He knew His love for you would save the world.
Save the world from what? The harsh judgements of His Father.

So He really does care about our future?
Yes with a passion that sores through the oceans of time and the deep seas of spaces and dimensions.
God is the proctor of the lives of His children. He will never apologize for this. Confusing? Let’s gaze upon God’s character as the father at the door with a long barrel shot gun slug over His heavenly shoulder when His daughter has her first date. Ok..any date.

So His daughter is on this date…
If God doesn’t approve of him than it will NOT happen. Ever. For any reason.
You would think she would be grateful for this intervention right?
She WANTS with a ravenous desire to date him. I love him. He’s awesome. Why won’t you let me!
The last thing she wants is to be protected from someone whom she is in love with.
Her heart is thrusted apart. “Why God Why…” is all her trembling frail voice can putter out as the wound of lost love spears through her soul.

God cares about her future. He cares who she ends up with. Even if it is heartbreaking. Even if He has to pull out his semi-automatic shotgun and shoot a few in the air to scare off the panting wolves.

He does this with no apology. He will never apologize for doing what’s best for His people…especially if they pray for it (oopsy).

So does God really give a damn…?
Absolutely. All the time. In many different ways.

The question on the table now is do you?

Prayer for thought:
Dear Lord,
I know you care about me and my future. Wait, ok I’m not sure you do but I would like to start believing you do. Help me in this and help me to see your Love even in Your heavenly No’s. Show me how to give you all the pain they cause and to lay down my life once again to your greater purpose. I’m not sure how to do all this but I’m open to Your knowledge and ways. Teach me and fill me with Your love so I may meet my new future with Joy and gladness. In Jesus’s awesome and holy name…amen.