False Starts and Broken Promises

I’m literally sitting here in a restaurant watching the Superbowl. It’s a miracle! Now it’s the half time show and I wonder what miraculous thing Katy Perry will astound me with *upside down grin*. Missy Elliot. That was a welcomed performance and a breathe of fresh air from the Perrymania.

Now on to more important things like why I haven’t posted about my Faceless life since before Christmas.

Quite honestly it was because I chose to go back because of the people I had mentioned making drama on Facebook. I had one best friend madly disliking the fact I was friends with someone she did not approve of. When it came right down to it, it was her attitude towards people and her harsh judgements on me that drove our friendship further apart. I made every effort to make sure she knew how I felt about her before distancing myself from the drama but sometimes ones best efforts aren’t enough. Just like some explanations will never justify ones actions. Ever.

So I chose to go back on Facebook. I missed it. I wanted to see my friends for Christmas and I wanted to make my presence known to those two friends (I’m watching you lol).

It has taken me two full months to listen to the voice of God telling me to remove myself from social media. Actually, more specifically Facebook. These last two Sundays God has been the most audible. The pull on my heart the strongest and so today on Feb 1st 2015, two months after my initial departure, I am now deactivated from Facebook.

Deleting my apps was just not enough. I had to disappear. In the impression I get from God is that I have to be cocooned. NO one is allowed to see me for quite some time. He has work to do within me. Hard and difficult work that needs my attention. I have made every excuse to stay but I have to answer to God and why I am disobeying. Like I’ve said, some actions have no justification. Sometimes we do things out of pure curiosity and desire from within ourselves and don’t look up for permission because than how would we do what our most inner desires would like us to do. We are just not thinking of anyone else. We are thinking of ourselves and what we would like to know and want to do. It has nothing to do with acting on the behalf of someone else. If it did, than wouldn’t we have taken precautions to make sure our periods were dotted and our t’s were crossed before proceeding?

So here I am. Faceless….
Asking God one more time…what now???!