Living an “In Real” life.

Living an In Real life means being present in every moment.

The question would inevitably be can one be in the moment while trying to capture it?

Week 3 complete!

Only 49 more to go! Woot lol.

This week has been very challenging. Living in the real world can be exhausting especially when the online world follows you home!

I had major Facebook drama this week AND IM NOT EVEN ON FACEBOOK!!

Two of my friends, who do not know each other from Adam, became friends on Facebook. If they had asked me I would of stated it would be a very tremendously bad idea (they are too a like and would stab me if they knew I ever thought such a thing). I wasn’t asked and the drama ensued.

One friend copying and pasting what the other said and vice versa.
I literally felt like I was back in High School. No joke it’s really what I did in High School. I played coy with my feelings about a guy and than your best girlfriend finds him online so she can scope him out. All in the name of “checking him out” for you. *sigh*

One of the major issues with Facebook and why I’ve chosen to take on a year long fast from it is because of this terribly stupid drama rama it can create.

I’m a pretty forgiving person but when you start acting crazy and pushing your way into territory you know nothing about than I slam a boundary down and dare you to cross it!

Therefore, I scolded him and backed away from her.

Peace at the price of everything…even social media…especially Facebook…even cutting off those who are dear to you.