1) Do something awesome.

You’ll always be thinking the many ways to get around getting on Facebook to post it.

2) Cook something awesome.

No one to envy your work will make you eat the whole thing *sigh*

3) Mention you’re off of Facebook.

It incites people tagging you in odd places doing odd things like picking your nose in Beijing China.

4) Leave your account logged in on the server.

You’ll open the web browser and BOOM you’re in your Newsfeed and BAM you’ve “Liked” your mom’s status on the 100 best cat photos without even thinking.

This fact will make you realize your 70 year old mom gets more Facebook action than you do. *sad*

5) Leave your account unprotected.

Recruit profile and page spies. Unless you like coming back to your account with a message from “Sally Joe” saying she lost 100 lbs on this new shake diet when you know well enough “Sally Joe” only weighs 105 lbs.