Week 1 complete.
I’m not sure what this will prove. I feel the withdrawal pangs whenever someone says “didn’t you see it on Facebook?” or “hey, didn’t you see my status?”. I’m like no hussy I didn’t see it why don’t you just tell me about it and stop relying on social media as your participation with humanity.


My focus and ability to hear the still small voice of God has improved.
My soul is telling me to prepare for the GRE (a SAT type test for graduate school). You see I’ve been struggling with this question for a while now. Do I get back to school to become a legit librarian (I do everything a librarian does for half the pay)? Is that really the direction I should go? There are so many possibilities and options…so is this librarian thing it?

This librarian thing is it and I will be preparing this year for this overly rated exam requirement.

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