It’s the end of  the first  day of my Faceless life.

Admittedly, it actually was very productive.

I listened more intently. I saw people’s pain. I wondered if it had always been there. Maybe it’s the holiday seasons. Seems to open people up more and you get to see what really goes on in their life. Rather or not people engage in merriment or are completely ignored by their family members can tell you a lot of what people are going through emotionally.

Again, I question rather this has always been? Has today been picked out in some cosmic way to show me what my focus has been on. The first day Faceless and I’m slammed with the harsh reality of knowing my focus was not on people but on myself. If it were on people, wouldn’t I have have noticed.

Let me let myself off the hook right quick…

I believe people felt more comfortable and at ease to open up a bit. No one wants to talk to a person eyes deep into their phone or someone too busy to step away from what they are doing to pay attention. My focus HAD to be somewhere so it rested on what was right in front of me. Hurting people.

More Observations…

I remember the beautiful trees going down the road in the company van and I remember coming home and slow dancing with my black kitty Fiona. I remember missing my talks with a flirtatious friend of mine and wondering if he posted anything absurdly funny today.

I feel  a  yearning to connect but what to I’m not so sure.

It could just be Facebook calling to me to come home 🙂

Or it could be this burrito I ate for dinner wanting to disconnect from my body.

Word of the day: Useful.

Sentence: I was Useful today.